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Problem Solving Meetup - October 9th

Questions for the 9th October, 2018 - online meetup Note: Regardless of whether you are new to ds/algo prep or are a seasoned veteran looking for practice, consider following this approach it may help organize your thoughts. Grab a fresh notebook From the front of the notebook, solve problem and as you solve Write down the question Write down the date/time of when you started and finished. Once you solve, review your answer and reflect the solution. Write that down at the back of the notebook on what clues/hints could have made you solve this faster. Write down any revelations and hints. Now on with the questions: Q1. N-SUM Questions: Questions based on finding elements in an unordered array of integers. a. Classic 2SUM problem: Given an unordered array of integers, find two numbers that add up to a given target number. Leetcode link for reference: b. Extend 2SUM solution above to 3SUM .. 4SUM?